Our space is available for bridal parties as well as any other type of party or banquet.Your wedding, baptism,a business lunch or a cosmic reception becomes a special event with the sign of success which quarantees our experienced staff as well as our pristine environment.

Our ad hoc staff satisfies every desire of yours and, depending on the circumstances, advises you for every little detail of the preparation of a successful bridal party, baptism or a business lunch. Together we prepare the proper menu emphasizing in the quality of the ingredients, in the professional presentation of the courses and of-course in taste. We coordinate with the DJ or the orchestra you will point us in order to assure the best possible music coverage of the night.Depending on the occasion, we help so that the night have its special characteristics with specific decorating interference, in association with your decorator or florist.

services  Voliotiko Tsipouradiko hosts business lunches and receptions of high specifications, as it is manned properly so that it covers the most challenging requests of its clients. The aesthetic construction and decoration, the technical apparatus, the ad hoc staff and the music makes Voliotiko Tsipouradiko the ideal place for a complete and impressive presentation. Focus on the detail, finest atmosphere and outstanding service are our quarantees for the success all of your banquets.

Voliotiko Tsipouradiko, with your preference and love, remains the first choice for big moments.